NEW FOR AUTUMN 2022 – Discover tigers on foot for the first time in the Safari Park’s history!

Tiger Tropics closes one hour before the Park’s closing time.


Sumatran tigers are extremely rare and are the smallest type of tiger in the world! Their stripes are as unique as a human’s fingerprints, with each individual having its own stripe pattern. Unlike most of their cousins, tigers love swimming and will frequently cool off by having a dip in their pools!

Nakal is our 8-year-old male who has been at the Park since 2016 after moving from London Zoo. Our female, 10-year-old Dourga has been at the Park since July 2022 after travelling from Fota Wildlife Park in Ireland.


Guests can see tigers on foot for the first time in the Park’s history. Their new home is located towards the end of the Adventure theme Park.

State-of-the-art housing has been built for two of our Sumatran tigers, surrounded by an enriched habitat, thriving with vegetation and allowing these big cats to have 24-hour access to their indoor and outdoor environments.

Have a chance to take part on centre stage as the STAR OF THE SEA LION SHOW.


The Sumatran tiger is classified as ‘Critically Endangered’ by the conservation authority, the IUCN. Tigers are illegally hunted because their bones and skins fetch large sums of money on the black market. Much of their former habitat has been taken over by humans, too.

We’re supporting WildCats Conservation Alliance and one of their tiger programmes – the Kerinci Seblat Tiger Protection Project. This programme aims to increase the Sumatran tiger population in the Kerinci Seblat National Park, one of the strongholds for these highly threatened animals.