Learn about the fascinating world of reptiles, watch our brilliant sea lions or hear about our smaller, fluffy creatures in one of our daily talks or shows!

Our current talk times are detailed below. Please note, these are subject to change.

Sea Lion Show

Weekends: 12.30 & 14.30 & 16.30

Weekdays: 13.30 & 15.30


Location: Sea Lion Theatre, Discovery Trail


 Watch our California sea lions show off their amazing skills in our daily shows, approx 15 minutes long.

Friendly Animal Encounter

Weekends: 12.00 & 14.00 & 16.00

Weekdays: 12.00 & 15.00


Location: Academy Stage, Safari Academy


Learn about one of our smaller, friendly animals which could be chinchillas, rats, snails or ferrets.

Penguin Feed

Weekends: 11.30 & 13.30

Weekdays: 12.30 & 14.30


Location: Penguin Cove, Discovery Trail


Learn about our Humboldt penguins and have the chance to purchase a pot of sprats to feed them.

Red Panda Talk

Time: 11.30


Location: Red Panda Retreat, Discovery Trail


An informative talk about the lives and conservation efforts for red pandas.

Hippo Talk

Times: 12.00 & 14.30


Location: Hippo Lakes


Learn about our pod of hippos while observing them in their habitat.

Lemur Talk

Times: 13.00 & 14.30


Location: Lemur Woods, African Village


A fascinating talk about the behavior and social dynamics of these lively primates.

Meerkat Feed

Time: 15:00


Location: African Village


Discover interesting facts and have a chance to purchase a pot of mealworms to feed our meerkats.

Reptile Talk

Weekends: 13.00 & 15.00

Weekdays: 14:00


Location: Reptile Stage, Discovery Trail 


Learn about different reptile species held at the Safari Park.


Please note: No animals will feature at the Reptile Talk currently.