To ensure all visitors can enjoy an incredible day at West Midlands Safari Park, we are dedicated to enhancing accessibility throughout the Park and its fantastic attractions. You can find plenty of helpful information about our services here, but if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our team.


We are proud to partner with Nimbus Disability, the operators of the Access Card scheme, to streamline the process for obtaining 'Essential Companion' Tickets (previously known as 'Carer' tickets).

We take pride in offering complimentary essential companion tickets to guests requiring additional assistance during their visit to the Safari Park. With this new approach, you no longer need to bring sensitive documents on the day. Instead, please apply online through Nimbus Disability at least 7 working days before your first visit. If you've already applied, there's no need to reapply, as all approved applications are valid for 3 years.

Click the button below to start your FREE APPLICATION. There is also the option to upgrade to a physical Access Card, widely accepted across thousands of venues in the UK.


- Online Application: Apply online at least 7 days before your visit. Same-day applications are not accepted.
- Individual Assessment: Nimbus Disability will assess your needs based on supporting documents through a secure application process. West Midlands Safari Park won't view the details of why you need assistance.
- Free Companion Ticket: You'll receive a free Essential Companion Ticket when accompanying a paying guest. Children under 3 years don't pay admission, so no companion ticket is issued for them.
- Beneficial Services: Essential Companion services aim to benefit those who simply couldn't attend without assistance. Nimbus Disability, a recognised authority on accessible tickets in the UK, ensures fair and impartial assessments.
- Booking and Collection: Once approved, you can book your companion ticket online. If you have been awarded +2 or more, please book one companion ticket online and then contact to book the second companion. Alternatively, collect tickets at the Ticket Office on the day, with your Access registration details or Access Card.
- Validity Period: Access Card and free WMSP Access Registration are valid for 3 years. Renew if planning a visit after expiry.
- No On-the-Day Documentation: We can only accept an Access Card or successful Nimbus registration with the required +1 symbol for a free Essential Companion Ticket.


An Essential Companion ticket allows an additional guest to enter the park accompanying a paying guest, to assist with their visit, free of charge. An Essential Companion ticket is available for guests where support is needed that is significant, substantial and in excess of what could be reasonably expected of family/friends already accompanying the guest. The support must be due to disability-related needs.  

Following a successful application through our partner Nimbus, you can book your essential companion ticket online here. If you have been awarded +2 or more, please book one Companion ticket online and then contact to book the additional companions. You will need to provide the full name and Nimbus ID number in order to book the essential companion ticket. If you have not been awarded a +1 on your Nimbus account, you are not entitled to a free essential companion ticket and will need to pay admission for everyone.

By accepting the Essential Companion ticket, your companion accepts responsibility for providing you with support when visiting the park. This includes supporting you with any additional assistance in the event of an emergency. WMSP staff are unable to provide assistance in excess of their typical roles and general reasonable adjustments.  

An Essential Companion ticket is available for guests where support is needed that is significant, substantial and in excess of what could be reasonably expected of family/friends already accompanying the guest. The support must be due to disability-related needs. 

Nimbus guidance for children under the age of 16; the +1 can only be considered where the needs are outside of the range of what can be expected of parental responsibility - even if this means that your child needs more support or supervision than another child of similar age. 

If eligible, a guest may be entitled to more than one (but no more than 3), essential companion tickets. The number of tickets will be allocated depending on the assessment from Nimbus and with the appropriate +1/+2/! symbol, assigned to your application/Access Card. 

Essential Companion tickets are only available when accompanying a paying guest, we will not issue a companion ticket for guests who do not pay for admission (children under 3 years old). Essential Companions must be over 12 years of age. If aged between 12-17 years, they must still be accompanying a guest over 18 years of age. 

All applications need to be submitted via the Nimbus Disability website at least 7 working days before your visit, please use the link at the top of this page to apply. Applications are free of charge for guests who only wish to register their need to visit West Midlands Safari Park.  

You will also have the option to upgrade to a full Access Card at a cost of £15. Access Cards are valid for 3 years and are widely accepted across thousands of locations across the UK and beyond, including many other amusement parks and leisure attractions who offer similar assistance. 

If you are not able to use online forms and would be unable, because of the nature of your impairment, to apply online, Nimbus will be able to assist with telephone registration on 0330 808 5108. 

The Nimbus team will aim to process your application within 7 working days, although during peak dates this may be longer. We ask, where possible, to apply with at least 7 working days’ notice. You will have the option to give your planned visit date on the application, Nimbus will take this into consideration when processing your application. 

If you already have a full, valid Access Card with an essential companion awarded, you can book your Essential Companion ticket online by using the link above the FAQ’s. If you have been awarded +2 or more,  please book one online and then contact to book the additional companions.

You will need to provide the full name and Nimbus ID number in order to book the essential companion ticket. If you have not been awarded a ‘+’ icon on your Nimbus account, you are not entitled to a free Essential Companion ticket and will need to pay admission for everyone. 

You will need to ensure you bring your Access Card/Nimbus account details with you for our staff to check on entry alongside all tickets. Your companion tickets will be given an ‘open’ Safari Drive time slot, so they can join with your chosen time slot for the Safari Drive. 

You will be able to show your Access Card/Companion Admission ticket again at the Wristband Office to pick up a free Essential Companion wristband, provided you have paid for a wristband for yourself, and they will be assisting you on a 1:1 basis. 

If you have an Annual Pass with us and have previously had free carers, you will need to apply for Essential Companion through Nimbus. You will be able to apply for free or you can upgrade to a full Access Card. 

If your application is successful, you will be able to visit main Reception on your next visit and provide your Nimbus account details to our team. If you have been awarded the ‘+’, they will be able to issue you with an Essential Companion annual pass, on the same tier as the guest who requires the support. 

Alternatively, if you struggle with walking to Main Reception, please email our team on, including your annual pass membership number, your Nimbus account details and a photo of the pass holder with the Nimbus account (this will be required for the team to create the companion pass as below). 

The companion pass will need to have the photo and name of the guest requiring support. The pass will only be valid when using in conjunction with the named pass holder on the Access Card and the same annual pass expiry. You will be able to book in your visits online and will not need to collect a ticket on the day from Ticket Office.

Following a successful application through our partner Nimbus, you can book your Essential Companion ticket online by using the link above the FAQ’s.

If you have been awarded +2 or more, please book one Companion ticket online and then contact to book the additional companions.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the applications and to ensure that the team at Nimbus have enough time to process all your supporting documents, you will not be able to apply with less than 24 hours’ notice. Applications are still possible in less than 7 working days, however this provides significantly less time for an application to be reviewed.   

If you are purchasing tickets on the day (with Tesco vouchers) you can still apply in advance of your visit date, with at least 7 working days notice. 

Any guest who has not applied online through Nimbus, or if they have applied but have not had a reply so have no confirmation or card details, will not be able to collect a free Essential Companion ticket. All members of your party will have to pay for their admission to enter the Park, as all guests require a valid ticket. 

Please note, our staff are unable to review or approve any supporting documentation presented on arrival other than a valid Access Card or a WMSP Nimbus approval for a visit. Any such requests will be declined, and all guests will be required to pay the full on the day admission price to enter the Park.   

We ask for all guests who require Essential Companions to apply through Nimbus, where possible.

If you are private carer for a client, their guardian will need to apply through Nimbus in advance of your planned visit.

For groups visiting from care/residential homes, SEN organisations or similar, who are not able to apply through Nimbus (whether you’re bringing a large group, do not have access to the documents required when making an application or cannot due to GDPR), we will instead accept a dated, headed & signed letter from the manager of your organisation, to be presented along with your staff ID at the Ticket Office on arrival. The letter must state how many guests are visiting (their tickets can be prebooked online or purchased on the day) and how many Essential Companions/carers are attending with them. 

You will need to head to the Ticket Office when you arrive with the letter and your staff ID and our team will be able to issue the required number of Essential Companion tickets.

We regret that we will not accept staff ID on its own; failure to produce a headed and dated letter alongside ID will require payment for all remaining guests, no refunds will be considered.  

If you have any concerns about applying through Nimbus when accompanying residents/clients, please email who will be able to assist.


The natural contours of the land mean that some areas have differing gradients, however, these have been minimised where possible. The Safari Walk has a mix of surfaces including tarmac and compressed gravel. Due to the differing gradients, wheelchair users may require assistance in some areas. Some areas feature anti-slip wooden decking paths and bridges.  

The path leading to the African Walking Trail has a steep incline with a compressed gravel surface, we do not recommend this route for wheelchair or mobility scooter users. Guests with pushchairs may also find this section difficult to navigate. You can instead use the tarmacked road past Marmoset Mischief to access the African Walking Trail by keeping right, taking the 2nd exit road and up a smaller incline. This is a shared route so please keep to the side and beware of vehicles.  

Please read our Accessibility Statement for more details.  

We offer manual wheelchairs for hire, although currently, we do not have mobility scooters available. They can be hired online in advance by clicking here. Please note that there is a non-refundable hire charge for a single day. Our hire prices are as follows, and unfortunately, we do not provide discounts:

  • Manual Wheelchairs - £10 (Maximum weight limit: 21 stone)

We also have pushchairs available for hire with the following options:

  • Single Pushchair - £8 (Maximum weight: 4 stone. Children must be able to sit up unaided. Not suitable for infants).
  • Double Pushchair - £12 (Maximum weight: 7 stone combined. Children must be able to sit up unaided. Not suitable for infants). 

The collection point is Main Reception and all equipment must be returned 30 minutes before the Park closes. You will be required to sign the Hire Agreement on arrival in order to receive the hired equipment. Booking is subject to availability. 

We have free on-site parking for all vehicles, with 41 dedicated Blue Badge spaces located adjacent to the entrance to the Safari Walk. It is a tarmac area on a decline towards the pedestrianised area. Parking bays are clearly marked, and spaces are on a first-come first-served basis. A valid Blue Badge must be displayed in this area. 

The nearest toilets from the disabled parking bays are 100 to 200 metres up a modest incline and over the zebra crossing. 

Our disabled access toilets are strategically located throughout the Park, ensuring level access, lever arm taps, and handrails. Additionally, we offer adult changing facilities in the main car park area with a Changing Places approved Adult Changing Room. The room is fitted with an adjustable changing table, WC and fixed wash basin. Unfortunately, there is no shower facility. There is an XY track system and powered hoist with a Standard 2 point spreader bar – no harnesses are provided. 

This facility will require a RADAR key, keys are available from the Main Reception if required, with a driving license or £5 cash left as a returnable deposit. 

For your convenience, the First Aid post is conveniently located at the front of the Park, next to the Ticket Office and near the car park. Please be aware that our First Aid staff are unable to dispense medication.

Although the post isn't always staffed, assistance is just a phone call away using the phone located outside. Rest assured, a trained first aider is available in every area of the Park to provide immediate assistance if needed. 

We offer free admission for guests who are blind or visually impaired. You will not be able to book a ticket online, but will need to pick up a ticket from the Ticket Office on the day. You will need to bring with you a Certificate of Visual Impairment (CVI) or similar (issued by your local council).  

You will also be entitled to an Essential Companion ticket, you will not need to apply in advance for this provided you are able to show your CVI for your own admission. All other guests in your party must book online in advance or pay on the day.  

To use the rides in the Adventure Theme Park, you will need to purchase a full price ride wristband and we would issue an Essential Companion wristband free of charge. You will need to show your CVI and admission ticket at the Wristband Office again.  

Assistance dogs are welcome in pedestrianised areas, but are not permitted in certain animal habitats for safety reasons. Please ensure they are wearing an identifiable harness or jacket denoting their working status. Please note, Emotional Support Animals are not allowed access to the Park. 

Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed in the Safari Drive for safety reasons and would constitute a breach of Zoo Licensing Regulations. Kennels are available a short walk from Main Reception. 

In all cases, the owner of the assistance dog must: 

  • Only access the Safari Walk areas: Ice Age, Land of the Living Dinosaurs, Explorers’ Play Park and Theme Park.  
  • Leave dogs in our purpose-built kennels, if accessing the Safari Drive. Bedding, food, bowls, any toys and a small padlock will need to be provided by the animal’s owner. A key and padlock are available from Main Reception when checking the dog in, a £5 returnable cash deposit will be required. There is a water tap available to fill up water bowls.   
  • Leave dogs in our purpose-built kennels, if staying in our Safari Lodges. You must make your own adjustments to ensure their safety (such as have a companion with them) to meet their needs. We suggest, where possible, that dogs are left at home if staying overnight with us.  
  • Not enter the Discovery Zone buildings (Aquarium, Creepy Crawlies, Reptile World and Twilight Cave), Penguin Cove, Sea Lion Theatre, Lorikeet Landing, Red Panda Retreat, African Village (Meerkats and Lemur Woods), African Walking Trail, Tiger Tropics, or Lion Ridge. 
  • Not attend any VIP sessions, animal education talks or any other situations where the presence of the dog may distress animals or affect their behaviour. 
  • Always keep the dog on a lead and under control. 
  • If the assistance dog starts barking or growling, move their dog to an area where no Safari Park animals are present until the assistance dog stops vocalising. 
  • Only allow the dog to urinate or defecate on the grass car park next to the owner’s vehicle before entering the park and to clean up after. 

If a guest struggles with queues, we do have limited provision to allow queuing at the ride exit. Please speak to a staff member at the wristband office. We will only consider guests for this service who have been assessed by Nimbus Disability as having Standing/Queuing requirements, you will need to show your access card or Nimbus account details for our staff to check the access requirements on your account. 

If we are able to accommodate you at the ride exits, the supervisor will issue you with a sticker to pop on both wristbands. This will be on a 1:1 basis, on quieter days we may be able to allow the family group to go on together. Please note that there may still be an element of queuing and you may need to wait a cycle or two of the rides, the operator will load a number of guests who arrived before you onto the ride first where required. If a guest is unable to wear their wristband, their adult companion can wear it on their wrist in their stead, our team will just write a brief clothing description on the band. 

If a guest has loose articles they would like to wear on the rides, like ear defenders or a cap/hat, they must inform a member of staff at the Wristband Office, who will issue you with a sticker to denote the authorisation of the items on the ride. We cannot allow loose items on the ride unless you have been issued with this sticker. 


We’ve put together a detailed Social Story document that we hope will be useful, to show to guests who may be anxious about their visit to the Safari Park. It explains more about what guests will see, smell and hear during their visit. Click to View Social Story. We also have a more simplified Social Story, which may be suited to younger guests. Click to view simplified Social Story