20 Reasons to Visit in 2024

We’re gearing up for an exhilarating year, filled with exciting additions and events!

Whether you’re a seasoned visitor or planning your first trip, 2024 promises an array of exhilarating, memorable experiences. Here are 20 reasons to make your way to the Park this year…

  1.  Jungle Jeeps: A Family-fun Ride into the Wild (Summer 2024) 

    Report to the ranger’s station to join explorers Eddie and Eliza, as you jump aboard a jungle jeep for an amazing safari adventure! There’s news a baby elephant has been born, so keep your eyes peeled as you tour the tropics to catch a glimpse of the new calf. There’s plenty to see but be aware of the cheeky chimps and the snappy crocodiles and see how many different animals you can spot on the way. 

  2.  Explorers’ Play Park: A Refreshed Playground for Young Adventurers (Spring 2024)

    Families with little explorers will be delighted by the revamped Explorers’ Play Park, set to open its doors in the spring of 2024. With upgraded features and exciting new characters, this playground promises endless hours of fun for the youngest members of the family.

  3.  Eddie & Eliza: Mascot Meet and Greets (From March 2024) 

    Say hello to explorer Eddie and new character, Eliza. Guests will have the chance to meet these friendly mascots, based in Explorers’ Play Park, adding a touch of fun to their day. Don’t miss the opportunity to capture a selfie with them or give them a high five! 

  4.  Meet Malaika: Baby Rhino’s First Day Out (Spring 2024) 

    Encounter our newest arrival – adorable rhino calf, Malaika, as she takes her first steps outside into her new home on the Safari. Watch her first reactions to her neighbours – buffalo, antelope and giraffes, and in turn see how her neighbours respond to a boisterous baby rhino! 

  5.  Marmoset Mischief: A Glimpse of the New Marmosets in the Great Outdoors (Spring 2024) 

    Witness the playful antics of the Park’s pygmy marmosets, as they venture into their outdoor habitat for the first time. As these adorable, tiny monkeys explore, observe their natural behaviours and become captivated by their endearing personalities.

  6.  Baby Boom: Watch the Babies Grow (All Year Round 2024) 

    2023 was a great year for babies, with the birth of a zebra foal, meerkat pup, red panda cub and tiger cub, as well as a spring baby boom with several deer species and lowland anoa. Many of these species are endangered, so as well as being incredibly cute, are also important for the survival of their species. With 2024 off to a great start with the birth of Malaika the rahino calf, keep your eyes peeled for more new arrivals!

  7.  See Cheetahs on Foot: New African Walking Trail Route (July 2024) 

    Take a walk on the wild side and see cheetahs on foot for the first time. The thrilling new route allows you to be a whisker away from Bappe and Asrael, our majestic cheetah brothers, as they relax and play in their habitat. See if you can tell them apart; Asrael has a white tip on his tail, whereas Bappe has a black tip! 

  8.  Hippos Move House: View the New Hippo Habitat (July 2024)

    Observe the UK’s largest pod of hippopotamus, as they relax in their new environment, complete with natural pools, mud wallows and grazing space. Watch from the new viewing areas, as the hippos take a dip, or learn more about the four girls: Mavis, Hilary, Gussie and Friday, from the information points.

  9.  Experience African Wild Dogs Like Never Before: New Pedestrianised Area (July 2024)

    Brand-new for this year will be the chance to see one of Africa’s most endangered carnivores on foot. A pack of four African wild dogs can be encountered on the extended African Walking Trail. Come nose-to-nose with female Monique and brothers Brock, Bruno and Billy, as they explore their expansive new home.

  10.  Hippo Lodges: An Overnight Stay Experienced Nowhere Else in the UK (July 2024) 

    Extend your safari experience with an exclusive stay in the brand-new Hippo Lodges. Four lodges offer breathtaking views of hippos from the huge windows and balconies, providing a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of the safari, even after the Park gates close. Read more.

  11.  African Wild Dog Lodges: Europe’s Only Overnight Wild Dog Experience (July 2024)

    Witness these incredible canines from the comfort of your lodge, or as you relax in the outside decking area. These four, single-storey lodges sleep up to six people, immersed within the new African wild dog habitat. Read more.

  12.  Bluey & Bingo: Meet and Greets for February Half Term (12th-16th February 2024) 

    Celebrate the February Half Term with kids’ favourite characters, Bluey and Bingo. They will be making personal appearances throughout the day, at ticketed Meet & Greet sessions, so if you’re a Bluey fan, be sure to book your tickets!

  13.  Easter Eggstravaganza: Cracking Fun for the Easter Holidays (23rd March – 7th April 2024)

    Hop into the Easter festivities at our Easter Eggstravaganza. Join the egg hunts, meet Bramble Bunny and enjoy a range of themed activities for the whole family. You’re sure to have an egg-citing time!

  14.  Character Week: Meet Your Favourite Characters during May Half Term (25th May – 2nd June 2024) 

    May half term brings a burst of fun with Character Week. There will be an array of kids’ favourite TV characters to choose from, at ticketed Meet & Greet sessions. Make sure you book in advance, to create lasting memories with your favourite animated friends.

  15.  Roar & Explore: Dino Edition (1st – 31st August 2024) 

    Unleash your inner palaeontologist during the summer holidays for our Roar & Explore event. This special event transports visitors back in time to the era of dinosaurs, with interactive exhibits, fossil discoveries, and dino-themed adventures that are sure to captivate dino-mad kids and grown-ups alike!

  16.  Spooky Spectacular: Perilous Pumpkins and Mischievous Monsters (October 2024) 

    As Halloween approaches, the Park transforms into a seriously spooky spectacle. Embrace the spirit of the season, with spooky decorations, themed activities, and perhaps a few friendly monsters lurking about. It’s a truly spook-tacular way to celebrate!

  17.  Santa Safari: Festive Fun for All the Family (November-December 2024)  

    The festive season is extra special at the Safari Park with the enchanting Santa Safari event. Meet Santa in his cosy grotto, enjoy festive activities, and even experience a magical sprinkling of ‘snow’. There will be some new features for 2024, so there’s even more to see and do.

  18.  Champion Conservation: Help Animals in the Wild (School holiday periods across 2024) 

    During the school holidays, our Wildlife, Education and Conservation teams will be championing the Park’s amazing conservation partners. Guests can learn all about these charities and the amazing animals they support in the wild, through trails, artefacts and some fantastic competitions.

  19.  Treetops Public Events: Get Your Dancing Shoes on (Selected Dates July – December 2024)

    Safari Venues will be offering a lineup of exciting events in Treetops Pavilion. Whether you’re a fan of retro tunes with an ABBA-themed night or a trip down memory lane with a ’90s night, plus an array of other events yet to be announced, Treetops has something for everyone.

  20.  Spring Grove House Events: Celebrate with Loved Ones (Selected Dates across 2024)

    If you’re looking for the perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and other special dates, Spring Grove House will be hosting culinary experiences across the year.