Egg-cellent Easter Egg Hunt for Lemurs

The lemurs have been treated to their very own egg hunt, as part of our Easter celebrations.

Keepers hid several hard-boiled eggs around the Lemur Woods, for the troop of 12 ring-tailed lemurs to find.

As soon as the lemurs were out for the morning, they set to work hunting down the eggs, which were hidden amongst logs, branches and piles of leaves.

Offering food in this way is enriching for the animals, as it simulates natural behaviours, such as hunting and foraging for food, which lemurs have to do in the wild, in the forests of Madagascar.  

Keeper, Jen Albutt, said, “At West Midlands Safari Park, we like to get our animals involved with the seasonal celebrations. For Easter this year, we encouraged the lemurs to join in with some ‘egg-citing’ enrichment. Lemurs are omnivores and require protein in their diet, so boiled eggs are an excellent treat.

We hid the boiled eggs around their outdoor habitat and then loved watching them go on their egg hunt. Just like us, it seems that some of our lemurs prefer the yolk to the white, or the other way round. Others were not as fussy and wolfed down the whole lot, whilst some just liked to play with the eggs. We hope our guests enjoy their Easter celebrations and have a cracking time, just like our lemurs.”

Ring-tailed lemurs are classified as ‘endangered’ in the wild, by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN). This is due to habitat loss, hunting and the illegal pet trade, which has affected almost all lemur species, making them the most endangered group of mammals in the world. 

We are partnered with and donate annually to the Lemur Conservation Association (AEECL), who carry out research and conservation projects to help lemurs and their fragile habitats. 

Whilst the lemurs enjoy their Easter eggs, there are plenty of treats in store for guests during our Easter Eggstravaganza event, including an interactive trail to win chocolate, competitions, giveaways and the chance to meet the resident Easter bunny, Bramble.

Some of the prizes include Safari Lodges stays, Annual Passes, retail vouchers and VIP animal experiences, including the chance to meet and feed the lemurs. 

The Easter activities are included in the admission charge.