See our gorgeous pair of red pandas in our exhibit, opened in 2021…


Red pandas are small mammals, covered in very thick reddish-brown fur, with black fur on their legs and bellies and white facial markings. They are mostly arboreal and crepuscular, meaning they live in the trees and are most active in the early morning and evening.  

Mei Lin is our young red panda who arrived at the Park in summer 2021. Her name means ‘beautiful forest’ in Chinese. Sanka, our  young male, arrived in 2022 and has been settling in well!


The new facilities provide stimulating and enriching environments, including trees, climbing structures, nesting boxes and lots of planted bamboo. There is also an air-conditioned inside den to keep the red panda content all year round.

Our red panda will have 24-hour access to their indoor enclosure, so they can choose where to spend their time.

Have a chance to take part on centre stage as the STAR OF THE SEA LION SHOW.


The red panda is classified as ‘Endangered’ by the conservation authority, the IUCN. One of the main threats in the wild is habitat destruction, as the human population of their habitat in the Himalayas is increasing rapidly.

We’re supporting the Red Panda Network, who are committed to the conservation of wild red pandas and their habitat, through the education and empowerment of local communities.