The Adventure Theme Park is closed for the Park’s winter season. It will reopen on Saturday 10th February 2024.

Rides in the Theme Park open 90 minutes after the Park gates open. Please see our Calendar of Opening Times to check the date you’re visiting. 

Ride Wristband Prices:
Ride Wristband – £12.00 (3+yrs)
Little Penguin Wristband – £7.00 (child between 0.8m-1.0m in height)

Ride Ticket Prices:
1 Ride Ticket – £2.00

4 Ride Tickets – £7.00
6 Ride Tickets – £9.00

Please note: If your child is under 3 but tall enough to go on the rides, they will still need a wristband or ride tickets. These can be purchased on the day of your visit.

We operate a time board system during off-peak dates (weekdays outside of school holidays), with rides running for 20-30 minutes before closing and then reopening 30 minutes later.

Wild River Rafting is closed until further notice.

Select your height below to see which rides you can go on! 

Wristband and ride ticket prices are charged in addition to Park admission. Everyone, including under 3s, will need a wristband or ride tickets to go on the rides if they meet the minimum height requirements.

If the ride requires 1:1 accompaniment of a child due to their height, each child would need to be accompanied by at least one person who meets the height requirements. On water rides, this person must be a person over the age of 18.

We will issue an essential companion wristband free of charge when accompanying the guest requiring support has purchased a wristband. You will need to show your essential companion admission ticket again at the Wristband Office. In order to qualify for a free essential companion, you must have applied through Nimbus, please click here for more information.

Wristbands and ride tickets are available to purchase separately on the day of your visit from the Adventure Theme Park. Wristbands and ride tickets are only valid on the day of purchase and no refunds are available. Wristbands must be fitted by the cashier at the point of purchase, are non-transferable and invalid if removed.

The Wristband Office will close one hour before the Theme Park rides close.

Rides in the Theme Park open 90 minutes after the Park gates open. Please see our Calendar of Opening Times to check the date you’re visiting. 

There is a maximum weight limit of 250kg on a Wild River Rafting boat and a maximum of 2 adults at any time. If guests do not wish to be weighed prior to boarding Wild River Rafting, they will not be permitted on the ride.

A shirt must be worn by all guests wishing to go on any of our Theme Park rides, and must remain on whilst on the rides.
Shoes must also be worn at all times to access our Theme Park rides. If you are wearing loose footwear (flip flops/sandals etc.), our ride operator will attend and advise where to leave your shoes on certain rides.

Long sleeved shirts must be worn if a guest would like to go on ‘Slippery Snake Slide’.

All guests must also be able to sit up and hold on unaided when on any ride.