Are you ready to go on Safari and come face to face with some of the fastest, tallest and cutest animals around on our Safari Drive-through?

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Home to our herd of southern white rhino and one of the Park’s most popular sights and experiences – the elegant giraffe. Not to mention the well known stripes of a zebra, prized Ankole cattle, ellipsen waterbuck, Congo buffalo, swamp loving red lechwe, ostrich and the eland, largest of all antelope species.


An area of contrasts from the enormous Asian water buffalo to the dainty blackbuckNot forgetting of course the worlds rarest deer, the Philippine spotted deer, the endangered barasingha and the amazing armoured greater one horned rhino!


An area of the Safari drive-through that is home to some of the worlds greatest hunters. From magnificent and powerful tigers, to the world’s fastest land mammal – the cheetah. As well as our pack of rare African painted dogs, and the king of the beasts – the African lion.


See our fantastic and extremely clever African elephants as they explore their surroundings in Elephant Valley. Also see our new baby elephant Sutton! He is currently piling on about 8/9kg every week! Sutton may be seen most days charging around Elephant Valley under the watchful gaze of Mum Five and Aunt Latabe.

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