In the all-weather Discovery Trail, you can visit a variety of species and watch our informative animal encounters, talks & shows.


Opened in August 2021, guests can now see our red panda enjoying the brand-new habitat with stimulating and enriching environments, including trees, climbing structures, nesting boxes and lots of planted bamboo.

This is the first time that red panda have been housed at the Safari Park and we’re honoured in the hope we can help look after this beautiful species and work to support their conservation in the wild.


Observe our Humboldt penguins emerging from the water to “chill” on their beach. 

Wild Humboldt penguins live on the rocky islands and coasts of Peru and Northern Chile.

Don’t miss the daily Penguin Talks, where you get the chance to learn even more about these fascinating seabirds!


Enter the specially designed theatre to watch our California sea lions show off their amazing skills in our daily shows, approx 15 minutes long.

Have a chance to take part on centre stage as the STAR OF THE SEA LION SHOW.


Get up close to our amazing flock of rainbow lorikeets in this heated indoor exhibit.  Their specially designed walk-through enclosure includes state of the art eco heating to help these Australasian parrots feel at home at a balmy 18*C. 

Lorikeet Landing provides the chance to walk amongst one of the largest flocks in the UK.


Visit some of the largest and most deadly reptiles from all around the globe. Everything from iguanas, and tree frogs to boas and anacondas.

Watch a daily Reptile Talk from one of our expert reptile keepers.


Home to some of the creepiest crawliest creatures including fascinating tarantulas, infestations of hissing cockroaches, amazing leaf cutting ants and a plague of locusts


Experience aquatic life from different regions of the world, including many of the tropical oceans and the Amazon river.
Watch piranhas devouring their food, a clownfish or two hiding amongst the anemones, and brightly coloured reef fish from around the world. 


Step into the darkness and experience two species of bat flying around your head!  This is the home of our Rodrigues fruit bats and Seba’s short-tailed bats.

You may also be able to spot our douroucouli, also known as the night monkey or owl monkey, which is one of the world’s only nocturnal primates!