Our African Village houses three species of lemur, a mob of meerkats and a group of guineafowl!


Watch our cheeky and playful meerkats as they socialise, play and forage. You’ll see them exploring their impressive home and you can even feed them in our daily talk. 


There are two species of lemur in the walk-through Lemur Woods. Keep an eye out for our playful ring-tailed lemurs & fluffy red-bellied lemurs – they may be high above your head! 


The Goat Walk allows you to meet and feed our mischievous Somali sheep, pygmy goats and Cameroon sheep.  Save some of your Animal Feed to give to them over their fence! 


On the way to the Village, make sure you look out for our pod of wallowing hippos. We have the largest pod in the UK and there is a chance to learn all about their different personalities at the daily Hippo Talks.

When a hippo ‘yawns’, it is not a sign of tiredness, but is in fact an aggressive gesture; a warning or start of a fight!


Gaze up the bank at our flock of ostriches; the largest and heaviest living bird. These birds are flightless, but they can run at very high speeds of up to 45mph! They have the largest eyes of any land animal, which are actually bigger than their brain!