Our African Village houses three species of lemur, a mob of meerkats and a group of guineafowl!


Be immersed in the middle of a true meerkat manor and see our groups of meerkats exploring their impressive home.

See these fascinating social animals up close and you may get an experience you will never forget.


Keep an eye out for our playful ring-tailed lemurs, small white-fronted brown lemurs, & fluffy red-bellied lemurs.

Don’t forget to watch our daily Lemur Talks where you can watch the keepers feed the lemurs and learn more about these fascinating animals.


Hippos can stay underwater for up to 6 minutes!

Their closest living relatives are whales and porpoises! When a hippo ‘yawns’, it is not a sign of tiredness, but is in fact an aggressive gesture; a warning or start of a fight.


Meet our friendly pygmy goats and Cameroon sheep.  Save some of your Animal Feed to give to them over their fence!