WMSP Food & Beverage Work Experience...

Hours: Work Experience is available on a part time basis, up to a maximum of 1 working week/5 placement days. PLEASE NOTE: We get fully booked a long way in advance, when filling in your application make sure you let us know of any dates you are available.

Description: The Food & Beverage Department is one of the commercial departments at the Safari Park. Our aim is to provide a fantastic experience through great customer service using the parks mission statement to help deliver a safe, entertaining and memorable day out for all our guests. Hospitality is a key part to the roles within our department.

Work Experience within the Food & Beverage Department will give you an insight into what it is like to work within a diverse catering department including food preparation, customer service & hospitality, stock/product management, catering operations, cash handling, food hygiene, merchandising and working as part of a large team. If you have an interest in serving high quality food products to the public, this placement could be very interesting for you. Due to limited availability we will only be available to offer placements for suitable candidates.

Before you start your placement you will participate in a health and safety/COSHH induction and have a guided tour around the areas you will be working in. You will then be issued with a uniform that must be worn while you are on your work experience placement. A reflection diary will also be issued for you to document your daily activities, what you enjoyed or did not enjoy and what you have learnt as well as a way of receiving feedback from the Food & Beverage Supervisory team during your placement.

PLEASE NOTE: Work experience placements give a glimpse into a role type and will allow you to shadow various job roles within a department, but they do not include full training or qualifications.

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