WMSP Animal Keeper Work Experience...

Hours: Work Experience is available on a part time or full time basis, up to a maximum of 4 weeks/20 placement days. PLEASE NOTE: WE ARE CURRENTLY FULLY BOOKED UNTIL JAN 2018

Description: Work Experience within the Wildlife Department offers students an insight into what it is like to work as an animal keeper. Assisting keepers with the care of wild exotic animals in the drive-through Safari, Discovery Trail and African Village.

Please Note: We do not allow work experience students to work within the Elephant and Reptile Department.

The placement will allow students to assist with the daily tasks of general husbandry, cleaning and mucking out of animal areas. Students will also assist wildlife keepers with animal health care checks, patrol work, and encounters/talks to the general public.

Before you start your placement you will participate in a health and safety induction and have a guided tour around the areas you will be working in. You will then be issued with a uniform that must be wore while you are on your work experience placement.

Please Note: Work experience placements give a glimpse into a role type and will allow you to shadow various job roles within a department, but they do not include full training or qualifications. If you are looking for a more in-depth experience with training and hands on opportunities, please see our available internship. Due to limited availability we will only be available to offer placements for suitable candidates.

Please note that placements with in the Wildlife team are for students 16 years and above.

To submit your application for this role, please Apply Online