WMSP Formal Learning Internship...

Hours: Internships are full time based on a 37.5 hour week, and can run from 4 weeks to 1 year, depending on the requirements of your course. PLEASE NOTE: Internships are limited and highly sought after, therefore get fully booked a long way in advance, when filling in your application make sure you let us know of any dates you are available. CURRENTLY AVAILABLE: 3, 6 or 9 month internships are available within the Learning Department. Please indicate in your application, the length of internship and time of year you are ideally looking for.

Description: Overview: Insight and experience within wildlife education, providing real life experience within a classroom setting for a wide range of ages from nurseries to Higher Education.

Main Roles & Responsibilities:

The Formal Learning section plays a key role in helping raise awareness and knowledge of wildlife conservation to young people. This is done through teaching sessions, guided walks and tours to visiting groups and schools, as well as the delivery of accredited qualifications in Animal care and Animal Management.

An Internship placement within the Formal learning section will give you an insight into what it is like to work with wildlife education, alongside giving you additional experience within a classroom setting. Interns will have the chance to experience and receive training on:

* Delivery of onsite and offsite formal learning activities to groups and
schools including teaching sessions, guided walks, tours and outreach
* Delivery of additional formal learning products including but not exclusive
to; school holiday kids clubs, careers days and courses, teacher events,
after school clubs and evening courses.
* Carrying out administration duties within the department, including but
not exclusive to; school booking enquiries, database entry, school
welcomes and general administration.

Interns will also have the chance to gain experience with assisting Formal Learning Officers in the delivery of Animal Care and Animal management accredited courses.

If you are training to become a teacher, or have a strong interest in exploring wildlife education, this placement could be ideal, and should be suitable for placement hours counting towards your qualification. This placement does not include any work with the Wildlife Collection.

PLEASE NOTE: You must be in education to be permitted onto an internship placement. If you are looking to glimpse in a particular role, but are not looking for a longer placement with training, check out our Work Experience vacancies.

Generic competencies:

* Enthusiasm for wildlife conservation.
* Enthusiasm for classroom teaching.

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