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Hours: Various days are available for suitable individuals, but due to the time involved in meeting potential volunteers, we do look for a certain level of commitment. Volunteers are asked to support the Safari Park every week on a regular day within a specific Volunteering role. A typical day as a guest interaction volunteer would run from 11am until 4pm (or 3pm in the winter), with longer opportunities available during special events.

Description: Volunteers play a key role in helping raise awareness of knowledge of wildlife conservation to the Park’s guests. This is done through guest interaction, carrying out hands on craft activities for wildlife conservation fundraising, and assisting with visitor studies helping us learn more about our guests and helping us understand ways to enhance their day and their enthusiasm about wildlife. Opportunities for guest interaction in walk-through areas and carrying out visitor studies are available on a daily basis. Conservation crafts and fundraising activities run most weekends and throughout holiday periods.

Guest Experiences Volunteers help enhance our guests' day out by talking about the animals and exhibits in the Park's walk-through areas. They are also on hand to answer questions, creating a greater opportunity for members of the public to appreciate the species on show and the importance of research, education and conservation work carried out by zoos and safari parks. Additionally, Guest Experience Volunteers help out in our purpose built “Discovery Room”. Activities such as arts and crafts and artefact tables are run through weekend and holiday periods to help raise awareness and funds for specific conservation campaigns.

Key tasks in this role include; sharing knowledge and promoting interest in the species on exhibit, pointing out any animals which are hard to spot, providing a fun and informative guest experience, drawing attention to the conservation issues for the selected species, explaining the conservation work of the Safari Park, and answering any guest questions whether relating to the species on show, or their general day out at the Park.

When manning the Discovery Room, Guest Experience Volunteers will help with craft activities, quizzes and games, sharing knowledge and promoting interest in the current conservation education topic, answering questions and allowing guests to handle artefacts and objects relating to the current activities, and occasionally helping introduce guests to some of our minibeasts such as millipedes, cockroaches, stick insects and giant African land snails.

The role of Guest Experiences Volunteer is suited to someone who is friendly, outgoing and confident in talking to a wide variety of guests, and is motivated and enthusiastic about wildlife conservation. Ideally you will need a good general knowledge of natural history, ecosystems and conservation, but training and information packs will be provided alongside up to date information on any changes to the exhibits and species in the areas.

Please note we can not offer volunteer roles to individuals who are still of compulsory school age. If you are looking for a placement to gain experience whilst at school or college, check out our Work Experience vacancies.

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