Discover our brand-new African Walking Trail and stroll up to African elephant, giraffe and white rhino to see them in their new home! 

Please note: the path leading to the African Walking Trail has a steep incline with a compressed gravel surface. We do not recommend this route for wheelchair or mobility scooter users. Guests with pushchairs may also find this section difficult to navigate.

African Walking Trail closes one our before the Park’s closing time.


Make your way up our brand-new pathway to see a range of incredible animals on-foot for the first time in the Safari Park’s history! At the Grasslands Viewpoint, you can see our African elephant roaming her wide habitat.


Gaze at our elegant herd of giraffe from this spectacular viewpoint, as they explore their new home. Can you spot all ten in the tower?


As you look to the left of our Savannah Viewpoint, you can watch our ‘crash’ of southern white rhino as they spend their day grazing in their new environment. Keep an eye out for our youngest calves as they playfully bound around!