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Terms & Conditions:

Free Return Ticket entitles the vehicle and paying occupants to a free return visit to West Midland Safari & Leisure Park.

Summer Free Return Tickets are valid on any open day before 2.00pm, except Bank Holidays, until the 6th November 2015.
For a full list of opening times, please see our Opening Times & Prices Page.

This ticket is not transferable so if you have changed your vehicle from the one recorded on the free return ticket you MUST bring proof of this vehicle with you i.e.: insurance document or V5. You will also need similar evidence for the new vehicle. Photo ID will also be required.

This is how it works:

If you are arriving by car, when you arrive at the payment booth, our cashier will take a note of your car registration number, and the amount of paying occupants inside your car. Your Free Return Ticket will then be issued with this information written on it, and handed to you with your receipt and a free guide map. In order to use your ticket for free admission, simply complete your name and address details and keep it in a safe place until your next visit.

Your Free Return Ticket allows the car with the recorded registration, and number of paying occupants shown on the ticket, to free admission to West Midland Safari Park as per the dates specified above. Amusement rides will be charged extra.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I have been issued with a Free Return Ticket, what does this entitle me to?
Your Free Return Ticket entitles you to free admission to West Midland Safari Park for the same number of paying occupants that came in your vehicle on the initial visit. This ticket allows you entry into our 4 mile long self-drive animal reserve, in addition to a variety of other attractions including entry into the Discovery Trail, where you'll find the Sea lion Show, and both reptile encounters and friendly animal encounters. Within this free offer, you can also explore the amusement area's hippo lake and our new and exciting African Village with Meerkat Mayhem and walk-through Lemur Woods. In all cases, wristbands or tickets to use the amusement rides are charged extra and are not included with your Free Return Ticket.

Q: If I am bringing any promotional offer vouchers, am I still entitled to a Free Return Ticket?
A Free Return Ticket is issued per car for the number of paying occupants that you bring with you on your first arrival. If you have a voucher which entitles one or more of your party to free entry-these visitors will not be included in the total number of paying occupants recorded on the Free Return Ticket. You will only receive a Free Return for each person who has paid the admission price.
However, if you are bring a discount voucher (such as an Ongava voucher), which entitles you to money off the admission charge; you will receive a Free Return Ticket. Visitors who have pre-paid for their visit to the Park, for example, through purchasing an eTicket online or a "Places to Stay" voucher from a hotel they are staying at, will also receive a Free Return Ticket.

Q: I have a Free Return Ticket that was issued in a previous season, can I use it to obtain free admission?
No. They can only be used until the end of the season when they were issued (Please see your ticket for details).

Q: I've lost my free return ticket, but have my receipt, can I use that to gain free entry?
No, we regret that free admission will only be permitted with a valid and current free return ticket which has been fully completed prior to arrival. We regret that the production of your payment receipt alone does not constitute free admission.

Q: I have extra people coming with me next time, are they covered by my Free Return Ticket?
The Free Return Ticket will not cover any extra passengers. You will be asked to pay the standard admission charge to gain admission for each of those extra people. However, they will then receive a free return ticket for their next visit.

Q: I have less people coming with me next time, can I have a refund or another ticket issued for those?
A: Unfortunately those places are forfeited.

Q: My child was under 3 on the date of our first visit, when the Free Return was issued. He/she is now 3, do I have to pay for them as they were present last time?
A: Yes you will have to pay for this child, only the number of people who paid for entry, and were recorded on the Free Return will be admitted free of charge.

Q: Can I arrive in a car with a different registration mark to the one shown on the ticket and still gain free admission?
A: Free returns are not transferable. However, if you have changed your vehicle from the one recorded on the free return ticket you MUST bring proof of this vehicle with you i.e.: insurance document or V5. You will also need similar evidence for the new vehicle. Photo ID will also be required.

Q: Can I pass my Free Return Ticket on to my friend?
A: Unfortunately Free Return Tickets are not transferable. They are to be used by customers arriving in the vehicle used for the first visit, with the registration number that is recorded on the ticket.

Q: What happens if I arrive in a hire car?
A: If you arrive in a hire car on your initial visit, please let the cashier know this when you arrive. If you use your own car on your initial visit, then arrive in a hire car on your return visit, we will allow free admission for the different vehicle, providing you bring some documentation (e.g. old MOT certificate, old insurance details) which proves that you previously owned the vehicle with the registration recorded on the Free Return.

Q: I also purchased wristbands on my first visit; does the Free Return Ticket include free wristbands next time?
A: No, sorry. Free returns do not include Amusement Rides

Q: It is unlikely that I will use the free return ticket, can I have a cash refund?
A: Sorry, no. No cash alternatives are offered.

Q: What happens if you amend or withdraw the promotion?
A: West Midland Safari Park reserves the right to amend or alter the conditions of issue associated with Free Return Tickets, or to withdraw the promotion entirely, without any prior notification.
Similarly, should West Midland Safari Park suspect that a free return ticket has been wrongly or falsely amended or altered in any way to gain free admission unlawfully, the ticket will not be accepted and free admission not be granted.

Thousands of free return tickets are issued and used every year without any problems whatsoever. We hope our simple question and answer section has been helpful to resolve any queries that you might have. If there is a question you have that we have not answered, please contact our information office and we will be only too pleased to assist. 01299 402114.

Today at WMSP...
OPEN: Daily from 10.00am.
14th Feb - 6th Nov 2015

Last Admission - 4.00pm
Park Closes - 5.00pm

Adults (16-64yrs): £19.99*
Children (3-15yrs): £14.99*
Concessions: £17.99*
Under 3’s: FREE
*Includes a Free Return Ticket!

See our Opening Times & Prices page for further info.


When it comes to love, staff at West Midland Safari Park are well versed in the age-old tradition.  Indeed, love is lavished on their animal charges each and every day, none more so than on their adorable 9-month old bouncing baby elephant calf.

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